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2017 Impact Report
Deloitte Belgium

Deloitte Belgium 2017 Impact Report

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Executive message

Welcome to the Deloitte Belgium 2017 Impact Report. Telling the story of over 3,500 people based in eleven offices across the country, it illustrates how our firm is putting our shared purpose into action. Although we are proud of many achievements in FY2017, at the top of the list is our continuous drive to make an impact that matters for clients, our people and society.
Piet Vandendriessche
CEO Deloitte Belgium

Our ability to achieve this goal is set to greatly expand, thanks to intensive preparations over the past year for an ambitious initiative. On 1 June 2017 a new entity, Deloitte North West Europe (NWE), was inaugurated by the member firms of Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. We recognise cultural diversity as Deloitte's greatest strength. This regional collaboration will not only make our firm stronger. It will also help us realise our ambition to grow to more than 4,000 employees in Belgium by the year 2020.

Full foreword by Piet Vandendriessche


Total Revenue
Our experts across all Business Units continuously strive to provide a seamless service for our clients. This resulted in double-digit growth for FY2017.

Alison Lesourd, Director Financial Controlling
Total Headcount
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Societal Impact
Innovation Impact
Sustainability Impact


Deloitte Belgium always aims to make an impact on our clients, our people and society. How does this work in practice? Read on to discover.

Boosting indirect tax compliance efficiency
Sony Mobile Communications
Ensuring a sustainable future
Helping tackle youth unemployment through cognitive analytics
Achieving high growth plans
The importance of transparency
ECS European Containers Ltd.
Supported by experienced advisors
iTeos Therapeutics
Strategic planning
Recognising innovation and entrepreneurship
Growing Belgium's cooperative bank

Leadership & Partners
Navigating the future

Who heads Deloitte Belgium? Our partners manage and steer the firm. Yet the main priority of most partners remains their client service responsibilities. The Executive Committee (EXCO) manages Deloitte’s day-to-day activities, with the Partnership Council exercising an oversight function. Together they provide a robust and effective leadership structure. In addition, Deloitte Belgium joined eight other countries this year to establish Deloitte North West Europe. This joint member firm will provide seamless professional services across the region.

Chief Executive Officer
Executive Committee
Partnership Council
North West Europe

Meet the Belgian NWE Executive members

Piet Vandendriessche
CEO Deloitte Belgium
Geographic Leadership
Geert Verstraeten
COO Deloitte Belgium
Managing Partner QRS and Partner Matters
Strategic Leadership
Koen Vandaele
Chief Strategy Officer
Strategic Leadership

On 1 June 2017 the creation of Deloitte North West Europe (NWE) brought together Belgium, the Netherlands, the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), Switzerland and the UK. Deloitte NWE is the second largest member firm in the Deloitte network, with over 30,000 professionals (including over 2,000 partners). NWE is a bold move that expresses our firm’s ambition to combine the breadth and depth of capabilities of Deloitte across the region. The investment in NWE allows us to better serve the needs of clients operating in a more globally connected way than ever before, and to continue our relentless focus on quality. NWE also permits us to offer varied career development opportunities for our people, helping to attract, develop and retain the very best talent across the region. As a founding member, Deloitte Belgium is proud to be at the forefront of this evolution: promoting a platform to attract other member firms to join, and helping to shape a strong and sustainable regional firm founded on our Deloitte heritage. NWE works on a principle of connected autonomy, based on close and regular communication between each of the constituent geographies and businesses. The matrix approach allows for informed decisions about offerings and the best locations to carry them out. Businesses and offerings that work most frequently across borders will typically be more connected, while those working with national clients and offerings will generally be more autonomous. Deloitte Belgium is represented on the NWE Executive and Board, with three and two members respectively.

Meet the Senior Partner and Chief Executive of Deloitte North West Europe and Deloitte UK:

David Sproul
As the Senior Partner and Chief Executive of Deloitte North West Europe and Deloitte UK, David is responsible for bringing together over 30,000 people to help respond to the ever-evolving needs and challenges of our clients and our society.
We have created Deloitte North West Europe to make a greater impact on our clients, our people and the communities we operate in. This is because we believe that by drawing on the diversity of thought and experience of our people across borders we can be more responsive, more innovative and bolder.

David Sproul, Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte NWE and Deloitte UK

Meet the Belgian NWE Board members

Nikolaas Tahon
Managing Partner Accountancy Managing Partner Deloitte Private
Michel Denayer
Chairman Deloitte Belgium
Chief of Strategy

© 2017. See Terms of Use for more information. Deloitte Belgium is an affiliate of Deloitte NWE LLP, a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee (“DTTL”). DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. DTTL and Deloitte NWE LLP do not provide services to clients. Please see About Deloitte for a more detailed description of DTTL and its member firms.

Executive message
Leadership & Partners

Multi-territory VAT compliance for a global industry leader like Sony Mobile Communications comes with challenges, for example, team rotation, country-specific processes and multiple data sources. To meet them, Deloitte’s Global Tax Centre Europe (GTCE) developed an application, supported by one of our innovation programmes, that allows the company to increase efficiency while improving the control and quality of its indirect tax reporting process. It’s also providing insights into the firm’s operations across Europe.
Indirect Tax SMART is streamlining European VAT compliance
Sony Mobile Communications

Boosting indirect tax compliance efficiency

The Indirect Tax SMART application has a proven track record for central delivery of pan-European indirect tax compliance services to some of the world’s largest multinational companies. It embeds over 18 years of practical experience in a continuously changing tax landscape.

Steve Abelsson, VAT Controller at Sony Mobile Communications, takes up the story. “We were facing a variety of challenges: changes in our team, a complicated structure and country-specific processes. We were looking for a different set of automated compliance tools. The ability to connect all information flows was the integration I was looking for.”

Starting in May 2016, the application was rolled out across more than ten countries in Europe. “It happened smoothly,” says Steve Abelsson. “The Deloitte team has been very helpful. Now that everyone on my team is used to it I’ve only heard praises. People realise SMART complements what they’re doing. It reduces the workload, which allows us to go deeper into the business. It will help with audits because it’s so easy to trace back. And through the dashboard I have quick access to all the data we need.”

The SMART application is used by a number of other multinationals with similar success. The pipeline of companies interested in this new offering continues to grow, both in Belgium and globally.
“We were looking for a different set of automated compliance tools. The ability to connect all information flows was the integration I was looking for.”

Steve Abelsson, VAT Controller Sony Mobile Communications
Learn more about our 
Indirect Tax team
Contact Vincent Bock Partner, Tax and Legal
Deloitte’s Global Tax Centre Europe, based in Brussels, supports local, near shore and offshore compliance activities, covering 33 countries. Its Compliance Centre covers all compliance related activities.

For Belgium-based high-tech firm Materialise, sustainability has various facets. Its 3D printing innovations use lighter (or less) material than conventional fabrication methods, without compromising quality. The technology allows goods to be made on the spot where they’re needed, cutting transport costs and CO₂ emissions. And the company is working to lower consumption of water, energy and materials. Moreover, the firm realised it needed a sustainable tax strategy. One that would work not only today, but also tomorrow. Looking for a tax partner that could bring the most added value, Materialise chose Deloitte Private.
Ensuring a sustainable future by offering tailor-made multidisciplinary services

The story begins in early 2016 with Deloitte’s International Tax team, a part of Deloitte Private, which provides multidisciplinary services to Belgium’s family-owned firms, growth companies and high-net-worth individuals. Business Tax Partner Glenn Verstraelen recalls, “First we had a kick-off meeting with the CEO and CFO to learn about their needs and objectives. They wanted a global advisor with one point of contact.” Deloitte was asked to examine the company’s overall tax strategy. At the time, each country had its own cost-driven approach. This didn't take into account the full picture, for example how an action in one country might violate tax strategy in another. “We started by looking at operations, people and where the company’s intellectual property is located,” Glenn Verstraelen says. “We then did several projects, prioritising the jobs and taking it step by step.” Multidisciplinary capabilities The International Tax team succeeded in reducing the company’s effective tax rate and rationalised the group structure in several European countries. Working with Deloitte Shanghai, it also assisted Materialise by advising on legal contracts and transfer pricing for its operations in China. At first, the team focused mainly on tax and then expanded to provide other services, for instance, finding additional financing for R&D projects. Deloitte was able to bring in specialists from across the firm, as well as from Laga, who helped Materialise explore new funding opportunities. And recently, Consulting has been providing pricing analysis services for the company’s healthcare segment.

“We’re working together with Deloitte Private to ensure a sustainable future for our company. They not only advise us on tax, legal, financial advisory and consulting matters, but can also tap into their global network.”

Johan Albrecht, CFO Materialise
Learn more about our 
Deloitte Private team
Contact Glenn Verstraelen Business Tax Partner, Deloitte Private
For high-tech firm Materialise, sustainability has many facets. While moving to 3D printing, incorporating more technology and lowering its consumption of water, energy and materials, the firm realised it also needed a sustainable tax strategy. Looking for a tax partner that could bring the most added value, Materialise chose Deloitte Private.

Most of us know the feeling of being young and searching for a job. One organisation determined to help young people looking for work is VDAB, the public employment service of Flanders. It even promised to make a job available to graduates within three months of leaving school.
Helping tackle youth unemployment through Cognitive Analytics with a friendly digital job coach

To help achieve this ambitious goal, in 2016 the VDAB decided to work with Deloitte’s Cognitive Analytics team. Encompassing such fields as machine learning, natural language processing and speech recognition, cognitive technologies enable organisations to boost the speed and quality of services while cutting costs. Fons Leroy, CEO at VDAB emphasises, “Innovation is very important for us. We want to do more with less, responding to a high customer demand for quick and better services.” The team’s first step was to use the “cognitive value map”, a Deloitte approach for showing organisations the value that cognitive technologies can offer. Many different ideas were collected about cognitive applications that could support VDAB activities – today and in the future.

“Innovation is very important for us. We want to do more with less, responding to a high customer demand for quick and better services.”

Fons Leroy, CEO VDAB
Learn more about our 
Consulting team
Contact Yves Toninato Senior Director, Consulting
The Cognitive Analytics practice team defines strategies for their clients about how disruptive technologies and innovations can help improve their services.
Cognitive applications provide people with a personalised experience through digital channels.

Yves Toninato, Senior Director, Consulting

Meet Malcolm, the cognitive job coach
The team asked themselves: If VDAB didn't exist, what would we put in its place? This led to the creation of Malcolm, a friendly chatbot that could be available 24/7. Through an online conversation, Malcolm will match a jobseeker’s competencies with an appropriate job opening. The job coach will even evaluate how well the candidate’s profile would fit into the company culture. Employers will be able to use the platform to reduce the administrative burden of finding a suitable recruit. Malcolm brings these two sides together in a whole new way, explains Yves Toninato, Senior Director at Deloitte Consulting in the Cognitive Analytics practice. “Cognitive applications provide people with a personalised experience through digital channels. For the VDAB, it means that assessing and supporting 70,000 graduates can be done more rapidly and efficiently.”

Sustainability is high on the agenda at Deloitte Financial Advisory, which is advising on multiple projects for clients working to provide sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges. So when Enhesa – an environmental, health & safety (EHS) regulatory compliance provider – wanted to look for a partner to support its ambitious growth plans, the company turned to Deloitte for advisory services.
Helping Enhesa achieve its high growth plans

Today’s increasingly globalised companies need to cope with ever-more complex EHS compliance requirements. Enhesa, the market leader in global EHS compliance assurance, supports businesses worldwide, helping them become more sustainable. With offices in Belgium, the US and Japan, it keeps companies informed, provides advice, develops benchmarking tools, and delivers audit and management support to well over 500 clients. 
Following an introduction through the Deloitte network, Deloitte Financial Advisory was chosen and received the mandate to act as the exclusive M&A adviser to find the right partner and help Enhesa accelerate its international growth strategy. The company was convinced by the industry expertise, hands-on approach and impressive investor access via the Deloitte network. The Financial Advisory team organised a limited but competitive auction process with a set of domestic and international bidders. Ultimately, Waterland won the bid, purchasing a majority stake in Enhesa.

"Our collaboration with Deloitte enabled us to attract the right partner and leverage our international growth."

Peter Hermans, CEO Enhesa
Learn more about our 
Financial Advisory team
Contact Serge Prosman Partner, Financial Advisory

Enhesa CEO Peter Hermans commented, “With Waterland as a partner, we are convinced we can accelerate our growth plans. They offer the expertise and capital we require.” 
Serge Prosman, Deloitte Financial Advisory Partner, added, “We are proud to have contributed to Enhesa’s mission to bring sustainable EHS regulatory compliance to global businesses. I think it’s an excellent example of the way we think alongside our client and translate strategy into a clear-cut equity story to attract the right partners.”

I think it’s an excellent example of the way we think alongside our client and translate strategy into a clear-cut equity story to attract the right partners.

Serge Prosman, Partner, Financial Advisory

In today’s business landscape, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a trend. It’s the norm. Stakeholders and society at large demand more than pure financial reporting. They want to understand the business activities behind the figures and know the real impact companies have on people and the planet.
Transport logistics operator uses CSR report to share its sustainability story
ECS European Containers Ltd.

The importance of transparency

ECS European Containers Ltd. has taken note. As a logistics operator specialising in transport between the British Isles and mainland Europe, it recognises the environmental impact of its business and has embraced sustainable logistics in day-to-day operations. In 2015 the company approached Deloitte to structure its CSR strategy and transparently inform its stakeholders and society about the impact of its activities. The Deloitte Sustainability Team prepared a sustainability report for ECS based on the company’s CSR programme, which includes its 2020 ambition of “Creating sustainable reliable logistics.”

"By going greener ECS has a competitive edge."

Kelly De Dijcker, CEO ECS
Pieter Balcaen, CEO ECS
Contact Tom Van Cauwenberge Partner, Risk Advisory
Learn more about our Risk Advisory team
Learn more about our Deloitte Private team
This is a good example of how our offerings can be customised for our Private clients.

Tom Van Cauwenberge, Partner, Risk Advisory
A green competitive edge

Targets included reducing road transport, increasing train use and optimising empty container mileage. By 2020 the company aims to send 40% of shipments by train and to ensure that all containers are fully loaded. But it doesn’t stop there. The green logistics chain extends to road safety and health, and to employee and customer satisfaction.

"By going greener ECS has a competitive edge,” explains company owner Kelly De Dijcker. “It also improves the way customers, stakeholders, regulators, investors and communities feel about our business. We now have a clear CSR programme and impact-reporting process. This enables us to follow up our CSR performance, and makes it visible to the clients and other stakeholders who care about our employees and the sustainability of our logistics chain.” Partner Tom Van Cauwenberge says, “This is a good example of how our offerings can be customised for our Private clients.”

iTeos Therapeutics develops immunotherapies solutions: groundbreaking treatments using the immune system to fight cancer. To support large ambitions and significant market potential, a biotech company requires good advice. iTeos Therapeutics chose Deloitte Audit.
Helping a young local biotech succeed globally
iTeos Therapeutics

Based in Gosselies, Belgium, iTeos Therapeutics has around 40 employees and a fast growing revenue. Yet to become a world-class leader, it faces the same challenges as big companies. Why did iTeos Therapeutics opt for Deloitte? First, they recognised our expertise in the biotech field. Second was the Audit team’s ability to take innovative approaches to managing the audit process pragmatically to fit with their current context. Finally, iTeos Therapeutics also knew that Deloitte’s multidisciplinary capabilities would facilitate the Audit team’s interactions with all stakeholders.

impact-report_client-story_iTeos1_550x550Michel Detheux, CEO iTeos Therapeutics
“The success of iTeos will be built on the strengths of its stakeholders: Deloitte combines global expertise with in-depth knowledge of biotech challenges.”

Michel Detheux, CEO iTeos Therapeutics
Learn more about our 
Audit team
Contact Julie Delforge Partner, Audit
Our aim is to focus on companies with strong potential and help them achieve success in every step of their growth path.

Julie Delforge, Partner, Audit

Transparency and confidence
Deloitte’s global network was another important factor for the company. It would allow iTeos Therapeutics to interact with potential partners anywhere in the world. A final strong point was Deloitte’s reputation and expertise in helping companies assure transparency and confidence, qualities that are part of the iTeos Therapeutics’ DNA. Once the mandate began, the Audit team started providing advice on technical matters. The collaborative chemistry has been excellent. Deloitte has shown flexibility in working with the company’s existing auditor and in adapting to the specific needs of iTeos Therapeutics. Deloitte Partner Julie Delforge explains, “Our aim is to focus on companies with strong potential and help them achieve success in every step of their growth path.”

Within the space of ten years, Lamett has put itself on the map. The West Flemish manufacturer and distributor of high quality wooden flooring, has a staff of 300 people around the world and markets in more than 20 countries. To help plan its next steps, the company reached out to Deloitte Accountancy.
Guiding a growing SME

Bruno Descamps, Lamett’s CEO, thought it was time for a strategic analysis. "The exercise would be an excellent reflection opportunity,” he explains. The company had achieved its growth by implementing a consistent, clear vision and creating an identity. “What we do on the ground affects how our company is perceived by the outside world. We fulfil this with credibility, reliability and daring, and investing in good people. Building our reputation is one of our core values." Why did the company choose to work with Deloitte Accountancy? According to Bruno Descamps, "We wanted to sit down with people who could guide us in the right direction. After the first meeting with Deloitte we had a true feeling of satisfaction and were able to see some really tough issues in a new light. It took us to a whole different level." Karel Vercruysse, Director at Deloitte Accountancy adds, “The company decided to set up a strategic growth plan. They discussed where they were in the value chain, what direction they wanted to take and what their weaknesses were.” This SWOT analysis led to a process of systematic organisation guided by Deloitte practitioners. “It’s something we could never have done with the same discipline," says Bruno Descamps.

“After the first meeting with Deloitte we were able to see some really tough issues in a new light. It took us to a whole different level.”

Bruno Descamps, CEO Lamett
Learn more about our 
Accountancy team
Contact Karel Vercruysse Director, Accountancy
Entrepreneurship, innovation and broadening its value chain: these were the key drivers of Lamett’s successful growth over the last four years.

Karel Vercruysse, Director, Accountancy

Cross-channel model
“It became clear that Lamett’s distribution model was stuck between production and retail,” remarks Karel Vercruysse. The solution was to make a larger impact in the value chain. “We decided to take the lead on the side of production and produce more ourselves. But also be more assertive on the retail side and approach customers directly without offending our partners,” Bruno Descamps explains. While remaining a B2B company, Lamett is gradually evolving towards a cross-channel model, allowing consumers to shop directly instead of having to go to dealers. The internet and the increasing autonomy and knowledge of consumers pose a large challenge for the company. “The market is like a big bus,” Bruno Descamps says. “In the past the producer sat at the steering wheel and determined what consumers were going to eat, wear or buy. Transparency at the consumer level is thus our biggest threat. On the other hand, consumers are attaching greater importance to sustainability and increasingly requiring environmental certifications.” What did the company learn about strategic planning? "You have to plan at the right moment,” Bruno Descamps says. Karel Vercruysse agrees, “When they started out, some processes were already underway, which led to acceleration and decisiveness.”

Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, the Fast 50 programme ranks the top fifty fastest-growing technology companies in Belgium, selected by revenue growth over the previous four years. The programme recognises young companies and start-ups with revenue potential who have been active in the industry for less than four years as Rising Stars.
Deloitte’s Fast 50 Rising Star 2016

Meet the 2016 Rising Star winner

GuardSquare is a software company specialising in mobile application protection, serving customers in the financial and e-commerce industries. We depend more and more on apps to manage our lives, including sensitive data such as purchasing and banking activities. With cybercrime becoming so widespread, security software is increasingly important. The GuardSquare app enhances performance by making security solutions smaller and faster than competitors in the market. Designed to ensure the source code is impenetrable to hackers, the company’s multi-layered security software was developed over many years, evolving from a free open-source product to commercial software. Today a diverse workforce in Belgium does all the development. The start-up has a positive cash flow and the commercial structure has being strengthened since the company profited from a revamped sales process in 2016. An ongoing challenge is finding skilled software engineers to continue improving the solutions. Co-founder and CEO Heidi Rakels advises other entrepreneurs to keep focused throughout the distractions and opportunities along the way.

“There are many programmes to help start-ups but this one is unique. Deloitte is raising awareness for young companies to help develop their brand and positioning in the market.”

Heidi Rakels, CEO and Co-Founder of GuardSquare, a Booster Programme 1.0 laureate and 2016 Rising Star
Learn more about Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50
Contact Sam Sluismans Partner Strategy & Innovation Deloitte Private
GuardSquare stood out from the other nominees because they operate with a very scalable, innovative business and sales model. Their solution for securing mobile apps sells itself online, so they don’t have to invest in an extensive sales team. This is especially the case within the financial sector, given that a large portion of their clients are banks.

Sam Sluismans, Partner Strategy & Innovation, Deloitte Private

With a new CEO at the helm, Crelan was ready for a transformation. Belgium’s leading agricultural bank wanted to leverage its network of more than 600 agencies in Belgium to prepare the company for the future and lay out a strategy for ambitious growth. That’s when they turned to Deloitte for consulting and advisory services.
Growing Belgium’s cooperative bank through an ambitious transformation strategy

Under the leadership of CEO Philippe Voisin, Crelan worked with Monitor Deloitte to outline a strategy around four objectives: reaffirm Crelan’s identity and values, be ambitious and competitive, secure the company’s long-term development and deliver profitable results over several years. Rapid developments in technology, regulations and society made Crelan ask some important questions: What is our relevance? How do we differentiate ourselves? Why does someone choose to bank with Crelan versus another bank? Why does a client come to the bank in the first place? Together with Deloitte, Crelan is finding answers to these questions and launching its plan to create opportunity from disruptive shifts.

“There are three current developments that are impacting today’s banking world. Rapid technological innovation, an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and, perhaps most importantly, an overall shift in society. We are moving from a society focused on ownership and individual consumption to one based on the use of goods and sharing.”

Philippe Voisin, CEO Crelan
Learn more about our 
Financial Services team
Contact Kasper Peters Partner, Financial Services
After a long and positive relationship with our audit partners, we started to work with Crelan last year on their transformation plan. The plan aims at leveraging the solidity of the bank and future-proofing it with a strategy for growth, new digital solutions and preparedness to meet new regulatory requirements.

Kasper Peters, Partner, Financial Services

As Crelan continues its transformation the bank is investing in new digital solutions for clients that make everyday transactions easier. At the same time the CEO is investing in Crelan’s people and the bank’s 600 agencies. This will ensure that clients know they can come to Crelan at key moments – when they want to buy a home, if something unexpected happens or when they need financial advice from someone they can trust.

At Deloitte we celebrate the unique perspectives and strengths of the people who enrich our diverse network. We value their engagement and respect their private lives. We encourage our people to take every opportunity to grow so they are fulfilled – personally and professionally. We believe that the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our people help foster a positive, winning atmosphere. Simply put, every day our people are performing at their best and putting exceptional services into practice.
Driven by our people
Our Simply Irresistible Organisation

Deloitte aims to become a Simply Irresistible Organisation to attract more than 4,000 people by 2020. By enabling our people to grow, so will our organisation. We’re creating a firm they’re proud to work for and that they encourage others to join. Our people are our best ambassadors.

impact-report_talent-story_SIO3_900x900Lieve Creten, Managing Partner TalentInge Diels, Chief Talent Officer
"At Deloitte we offer more than just a career, we offer a talent experience!"

Lieve Creten, Managing Partner Talent
Learn more about our 
Talent team
Contacts Lieve Creten Managing Partner Talent
Inge Diels Chief Talent Officer

Meaningful work 

We enable our people to maximise their strengths and talents, and foster their entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage them to own their role, challenging them to stretch beyond what they thought possible and making an impact that matters.
Great management

We help our people reach their full potential through coaching, feedback and development opportunities.
An inclusive, flexible, fun environment

We want to create a great environment where the work of our people is recognised. We invest in their wellbeing and give them the flexibility to balance their work and private lives. They are continuously inspired by our diverse network of people and enjoy both working and having fun together.
Growth opportunities

We support our people with training, prepare them for new challenges, and encourage them to embrace career opportunities across our local and global network.
Cultivate open communication with leaders

We want to give our people a clear and compelling company vision that they can believe in. Inspirational leadership is key.

See our Simply Irresistible Organisation in action:
Deloitte is creating a meaningful, human work environment to drive engagement and performance.

To ensure that our people get the most out of their Deloitte experience, we focus on the five elements that drive engagement and create a simply irresistible organisation:

We are committed to making Deloitte a Simply Irresistible Organisation for each and every one of our talents: future, current and alumni.

Inge Diels, Chief Talent Officer
The entire partnership and I take the responsibility of leadership very seriously, aware that every decision we make for our firm affects the lives of over 3,500 people.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

Strength from cultural diversity is one of Deloitte’s shared values, and we recognise that our diversity represents an enormous opportunity. That’s why Deloitte Belgium is taking steps towards having a gender-balanced leadership. We understand that making these profound changes won’t happen overnight. But a defined purpose – with a structure, clear targets and supportive policy changes – will take us in the right direction.
Achieving a more gender-diverse organisation

Why are we committed to becoming gender balanced?
  • We believe it will enhance group performance: diversity in a group matters as much as ability and brainpower.
  • It will also improve decision making, help attract top talent, increase employee satisfaction and make the firm more customer oriented.
Our goal is to achieve a fair representation of both genders throughout Deloitte Belgium, increasing the number of women in business units and national governance bodies. To achieve this, a firm-wide Gender Diversity initiative has been developed. It aims to pinpoint the issues, set change targets and develop measures to improve the current gender balance.

"Steering towards a more gender-diversified leadership is a top priority for our firm. Achieving these goals will enhance our group performance, improve our decision making and increase employee satisfaction. These positive outcomes will benefit our organisation as a whole."

Caroline VerisDiversity Lead
Learn more about Diversity and Talent at Deloitte
Contact Caroline Veris Diversity Lead

We are working towards a more gender-diverse partnership with the aim to increase our female partner representation 20% by 2024 and 30% by 2030.
Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

The initiative has key objectives related to recruitment, agile working, development, performance management, culture, communication and governance. For example, our recruitment processes, and marketing and targeting activities are evolving towards an equal intake of women and men. We also want to get the right message across, internally and externally. Building awareness and clearly communicating about the challenges of diversity in the organisation are essential to achieving our targets. 
The focus is on what we can change today and tomorrow. Applying this policy will improve the gender diversity of our leadership and make us a stronger firm.

Talent initiatives are a top priority for sustainable growth across the firm. Supported by our hands-on management approach, Deloitte Belgium is striving to become a simply irresistible organisation in which we value the diversity of our people and promote a coaching culture to stimulate their personal and professional growth. In fiscal year 2018, we are starting to focus on training initiatives for manager-level talents and above, as part of the new Reinventing Performance Management process.
A coaching and skill-building journey

We support and encourage our employees to learn continuously throughout their career by developing technical, industry, leadership and professional skills. The framework driving our activities is the Continuous Learning model. As the name suggests, it means that we do not look at learning and development only in terms of formal or planned learning activities. Rather, we adopt a holistic approach by looking at all the elements that propel professional development. Although many organisations focus mostly on formal education, research tells us that 70% of learning occurs outside of formal programmes. Therefore, the Continuous Learning model accounts for learning in four contexts: education, experience, environment and exposure.
  • Education: These are the learning elements most of us think of when we refer to Learning and Development, such as classroom training, e-learning and Deloitte University.
  • Experience: An important part of development is established on the job. It includes broader experiences through challenging assignments and global mobility.
  • Environment: We provide up-to-date tools and technology that employees can use to learn on the job, or that support them in their work. For example, information systems, search engines, job-aids and online asset libraries.
  • Exposure: We also help development by building connections through professional conferences, communities of practices, coaching and counseling.
We focus on continuous learning and encourage our employees to learn in many different ways. As such, we re-evaluate the types of training we offer and how we deliver them."

Anneleen Arnold, Learning and Development Manager
Learn more about our Learning team
Contact Anneleen Arnold Learning and Development Manager

The Coaching Relationship Compass

The coaching workshops are run by certified coaches and co-facilitated by Deloitte practitioners. The training is navigated using the Coaching Relationship Compass, which focuses on adopting the appropriate mentality to effectively take part in the learning programme. Increasing the level of trust between coach and participant encourages a “growth mindset” that leads to improved relationships and shared objectives. The aim is to inspire all employees to embrace our coaching culture. Training others and yourself to adopt a forward-thinking attitude, collaborating with your peers to find solutions – these are essential tools for effective communication.

The group learning process is carried out in several phases. Before the programme, participants have a counsellor-led assessment to discuss and define objectives. Participants can also enrich their experience by using the available e-learning and introductory reading materials, and creating individual “BizChem” profiles of their business personalities. During the programme participants actively engage in the training workshops and develop a personalised plan of action. As part of the assessment process they continue to work with their counsellors at Deloitte on evaluating and refining their journeys.

Deloitte University
Offering cutting-edge learning
Talent-centric learning models need to map to individual career goals.

Lieve Creten, Managing Partner Talent
It is great to see the energy level in the classroom sessions. Communicating effectively, providing and receiving impactful feedback, asking powerful questions - these are topics we are all confronted with daily. Our consultants quickly understand how to leverage this learning journey to make a difference at Deloitte.

Kristina De Raeymaeker, Learning and Talent Development Manager, Consulting

At Deloitte, innovation plays a crucial role in making us the employer of choice. Our talent strategy aims to make an impact that matters at every career stage by creating a unique talent experience for our people: future, current and alumni. Innovation has improved the effectiveness of our talent communications, facilitated the onboarding journey of new hires, and optimised repetitive talent tasks.
Creating a unique talent experience
Innovative Talent

So what does innovative talent look like? Many projects launched over the past year have shown how our talent practice will evolve – and the possibilities are limitless.

"We clearly see that the expectations of our workforce have shifted. To live up to them we need to keep reinventing ourselves."

Annelies Bijdekerke, Talent Project Manager
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Deloitte Welcome App

We create an impactful talent experience for over 900 new hires each year. Even before their first day at work the aim is to excite, impress and engage them, as well as train, connect and interact with them. As soon as they sign a contract we invite them to download the Deloitte Welcome app. It allows us to connect with and support our new hires in the best possible way: sharing relevant information and making them feel welcome to ensure a unique onboarding experience. The Welcome app provides:
  • information about Deloitte and their business unit
  • a welcome message from CEO Piet Vandendriessche
  • a sneak peek at their first days and weeks at Deloitte
  • a flavour of the Deloitte brand and ambassadorship
  • an introduction to the principles of our Simply Irresistible Organisation
  • a 360° view of our Gateway office
  • practical tips & tricks to get started
  • pulse checks to share their input and experiences with us
  • quizzes to test their knowledge about our firm
Since the launch of the Deloitte Welcome app, more than 500 new hires have been invited to download it. Of these, 76% have activated the tool. Users give the app a score of 4.28 out of 5.00. Every day on average, the app is accessed by 30 new hires and receives more than 200 visits! Given the app’s success, we are continually improving its features and content. We’re also very much looking forward to using this concept in other ways to widen the employee's digital talent experience!

MyBenefits Platform

Launched in May 2017, MyBenefits is a digital platform designed to provide our employees with a full overview of their individual compensation and benefits. Fully mobile – available anytime, anywhere – the platform greatly increases the everyday efficiency of our professionals, many of whom require this information when abroad.


Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotics is increasingly part of our workforce and processes – especially those that are manual, repetitive and rule based. Using this innovative technology in our talent department offers many benefits, including shorter cycle times, detailed data capture, improved accuracy, flexibility and lower costs.

Launched in April 2017, RPA software provides the Rewards & Analytics Team with a smart and optimised way to create contracts and policies for new hires. It ensures all data is quickly and correctly captured, accelerating the hiring process. Generating documents and encoding data for new hires used to take over four hours per employee. With RPA it’s done in three minutes! This automation will allow us to manage the yearly increases in new hires. By gaining time, our talent teams can focus on advisory tasks instead of administration. It will not only increase their engagement by making work more meaningful, but also offer an enhanced talent experience for all employees. We will continue to explore the ways automating talent processes can be beneficial, while gaining in-house knowledge about RPA.

The one-stop-shop provides a seamless employee experience. It displays personalised data covering all the financial and extra-legal benefits of working for Deloitte: salary packages, holidays, insurance coverage and mobile phone plans. It provides an overview of learning and development possibilities, including wellbeing at work. The platform is also used to communicate new features or changes, for example salary increases and bonuses at the end of the yearly evaluation process. MyBenefits gives employees an increased awareness and understanding of their salary packages, and boosts their power of choice when launching a flexible benefits scheme.

Our Welcome app brings us close to our new colleagues and makes them feel welcome well before their first day at the office.

Geert Smets, Talent Project Lead

The continuing internationalisation of Deloitte is creating additional career opportunities, and Global Mobility is a key talent priority. An assignment abroad not only supports the firm’s strategic objectives. It supports those of our people as well.
Expand your horizons
Global Mobility

Working in another country or office will benefit careers and expand personal networks. An international project or assignment is an opportunity for our people to share and enhance their skills, experience new cultures, deepen business development capabilities and increase their understanding of foreign markets and business practices. There are four main ways to take part in Global Mobility at Deloitte:
  • Going on assignment: Long Term (12 to 36 months) or Short Term (2 to 12 months), with a guaranteed position upon your return to Deloitte Belgium.
  • Permanently moving abroad: Living and working in another country for an indefinite period, without a return position at Deloitte Belgium.
  • International business travel: Attending ad hoc business or client or prospect meetings, attending trainings, conferences, etc.
  • Project work abroad: Periodically work abroad on projects.
“At Deloitte we strongly encourage our people to explore international possibilities that will enrich their careers. It is clear that Global Mobility will continue to increase in the future. In particular, we notice substantial growth in working abroad on cross-border projects.”

Cynthia Loontiens, Global Mobility Lead
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A nearby secondment

The first time Martin Coquery took up a foreign assignment, it wasn’t far away. Now a senior manager at the Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe), in 2013-2014 he spent six months shuttling between Düsseldorf and his home in Belgium. “It was only a two-hour drive. And I stayed three days a week, so it wasn’t difficult.” Martin had been working on indirect tax in German-speaking countries and thought it would be good to get some inside experience. “Every country and office has its own processes and ways of dealing with clients. In Belgium we’re more focused on tax compliance. In Germany it’s more about consulting and advisory. It was something new to explore.” He also expanded his network. “I got in touch with a lot of people at German offices. This has been a great asset, as I often refer work to German colleagues. Personal contact facilitates this.” Having studied in Germany, Martin already knew something about the country. “But it was nice to experience the local culture. There are lots of different beers in Düsseldorf, and I enjoyed going out with colleagues in the evening.” He learned that the city is also special for another reason. “That’s where most Japanese companies are headquartered. We had a lot of Japanese clients. I didn't expect this and it was fun to meet them.”

And one far away

Martin’s second experience with Global Mobility took him much further afield. From May 2014 to February 2017 he lived in Hyderabad, India, the location of half of his Global Tax team. “I had already visited twice and really enjoyed it. So when a chance came to replace the manager, I was more than willing.” The move wasn’t difficult, as both the Belgian and Indian offices provided a lot of support. “For example, finding a flat was easy. I sent a list of criteria and could choose what I wanted.” During his secondment Martin worked hard. “I managed 34 people when I arrived, and when I left the team had grown to more than 90 people. It was a big challenge and opportunity to recruit, train and supervise everyone.” Cultural awareness was an important asset. “Unlike Europe, in India the office is also a place for socialising. On the other hand, you can rely on people after hours. It’s never an issue to call them as long as you take an interest in their personal lives. I think we are starting to see this happen in the West.” Martin would most definitely recommend Global Mobility to other Deloitters. “What’s key is to go there with an open mind, not thinking your way is superior. It’s really a great opportunity to gain knowledge and to be active in a different culture.”

What’s key is to go there with an open mind, not thinking your way is superior. It’s really a great opportunity to gain knowledge and to be active in a different culture.

Martin Coquery, Senior Manager, Deloitte Global Tax Centre (Europe)

Refreshed and relaunched in 2016, the Energise@Deloitte programme offers Deloitters a wide range of activities to promote health and wellbeing: sports training, yoga workshops, nutrition and health coaching, and much more. Leading the way are thirty Energise@Deloitte ambassadors. One, Tina Roesems, tells her story.
An ambassador’s journey

Tina, a manager within Risk Advisory, had the opportunity to become an ambassador last autumn. “I wanted to inspire people. I’m slightly different from most of the other ambassadors because I’ve had a sporty background: in 2016, I did a 51-kilometre trail run in Switzerland. But I began with a start-to-run programme as well, and see what I achieved. This can be quite motivating.”
In addition to being role models, the Energise@Deloitte ambassadors commit to conquering a specific running or cycling fitness challenge. For runners like Tina, this year it was the Semi Maratona Giro Di Cancano. Throughout months of preparation, the ambassadors received professional training while Deloitte followed their progress.

"I would have never discovered my love for cycling without Energise@Deloitte!"

Tina Roesems, Manager, Risk Advisory and Energise@Deloitte Ambassador
FY2017 Energise@Deloitte highlights

Energise@Deloitte doesn't stop with the ambassador programee. FY2017 brought many memorable fitness moments to our people:
  • Gateway’s Fitness Centre opened on 6 April. It’s high-tech and fully equipped with cardio and strength machines, as well as an ARKE core-training kit and exercise balls. With a great view on the tarmac, the fitness has experienced great success since opening, with over 680 Deloitte employees signed up as members.
  • The Tour de Namur cycling event saw 229 employees and clients ride through this superb bike region known for its green valleys, historic abbeys and difficult climbs. In the end, we donated 22 bikes to the charity Qhubeka, making an impact that matters.
  • 88 employees tackled the most important cycling race in Flanders, the Ronde van Vlaanderen 2017, which included gruelling circuits between 74 and 237 km.
  • 149 employees joined tens of thousands of runners in the largest running event in Flanders, the Antwerp 10 Miles.
Gateway's Fitness CentreGateway's Fitness CentreTour de NamurRonde van VlaanderenRonde van VlaanderenAntwerp 10 MilesEnergise@Deloitte ambassadors
13 cycling ambassadors from the Energise@Deloitte programme completed the Passo dello Stelvio challenge.
I’m sure I’ll continue cycling, something I never would have done without Energise@Deloitte.

Tina Roesems, Manager, Risk Advisory and Energise@Deloitte Ambassador

An unexpected turn
For Tina, however, it wasn’t a smooth path. Suffering from a knee condition, in April she realised she couldn’t take part in her event. “It was really frustrating.” But refusing to give up she asked to join the cyclists. “I was so happy when they agreed.” Tina didn’t find the switch too difficult. “It’s just the technical part I had to get used to. With running, you just put on your shoes and step out the door. Cycling requires more time and organisation.” On 24 June, Tina joined 30 other ambassadors for the ultimate challenge: cycling up the Passo dello Stelvio. At a gruelling 2,757 meters it’s the second-highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. How did she feel? “I really enjoyed it! It was a great feeling to cross the finish line.” Tina has discovered a love of cycling. “I’m sure I’ll continue, something I never would have done without Energise@Deloitte.” She encourages colleagues to become ambassadors. “First, it’s a great way to get to know other people in the firm. Second, it helps you get motivated and provides a nice training programme – with coaching, nutrition advice and detailed body scans so you can really see the progress you’re making.”


Deloitte University is a centre for learning and leadership. It connects Deloitte professionals across borders, expanding their capabilities, expertise and insights and giving them the confidence to meet their career ambitions. Supporting collaboration, growth and enhancing the skills of Deloitte leaders, are key elements in our culture.
Offering cutting-edge learning
Deloitte University

The curriculum is designed to ensure that learning remains an integral part of the workplace in a practical and effective way. Developed to bring high value, learning programmes cover business development, leadership, functions and industry sectors. Courses are led by Deloitte leaders who share their knowledge and on-the-job experience in a tailored learning environment. Deloitte University has operations in North and South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The two EMEA facilities are in La Hulpe, Belgium and Chantilly, France. Programmes are also offered for local delivery in the 77 countries within the region. Since the start in 2013 nearly 25,000 EMEA practitioners have been trained at the Deloitte University. This year the curriculum includes over 60 world-class learning programmes.

"Deloitte University connects Deloitte professionals across borders, expanding their capabilities, expertise and insights. We are committed to delivering world-class learning experiences."
Jorrit Volkers, Dean Deloitte University
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Deloitte University team
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Around the world, governments, businesses and individuals are making real efforts to ensure their activities are more environmentally friendly. Deloitte’s sustainability experts not only help clients achieve this. The team is also transforming our Belgian firm into a bright green example for others to follow.
Sustainability starts at home
Getting greener

It starts with our buildings. A major step was taken a few years back with our new Ghent office. Its construction was certified by BREEAM: the world's leading sustainability-assessment method for buildings. Next were relocations to greener office spaces in Leuven and Liège. All of this paved the way for the Gateway building, our new head office, which has a BREEAM "excellent" label. As of January 2017 68% of Deloitte Belgium’s office space had a BREEAM rating of “very good” or higher. Environmental criteria are also part of our supplier contracts. For example, across Belgium 97% of the energy we purchase is renewable. And a digital office policy is reducing paper use. This fell from 133 tonnes in 2012 to 101 tonnes by 2017: a drop of 24%. Deloitte itself is assessed each year by Ecovadis, a sustainability-rating platform for global supply chains. Criteria include environment, energy and CO₂ emissions; working conditions and practices; fair business practices; and sustainable purchasing policy. Deloitte has been granted the Ecovadis Silver label. It’s not just our workspaces that matter, but also how we get there. That’s why we’ve made sustainable mobility such a major focus. The specific locations of our new offices in Zaventem, Ghent and Leuven were chosen with mobility in mind. These offices have excellent accessibility with public transport. For those opting to travel by car, company vehicles must meet ever-stricter CO₂ limits, and car choices include hybrid and electric models. Moreover, our professionals receive training in smart driving to keep emissions down. Both the Ghent and Gateway offices provide charging stations for electric vehicles. Shared electric cars have been introduced for transportation from the office to client sites. And a carpool app used by more than 650 commuters has been created to make ride sharing easy.

"At Deloitte, sustainability is a high priority. We continuously measure and monitor a series of indicators to effectively manage the impact of our actions."

Bart Vercauteren, Director Risk Advisory, Sustainability Lead
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Sustainability Lead
Since 2012, Deloitte Belgium has substantially reduced its CO₂ output per full-time employee. We will continue to build on our efforts and our ambition now is to decrease emissions firm wide by 25% by 2021.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

Sustainability in motion Lasting from March to September, the Mobility Trial let a large number of enthusiastic Deloitters try out different private and public transport options. The data gathered from users will help our mobility team roll out Mobility Packs: transport packages that save our people time and money while saving the planet. Another aim was to change mobility mindsets. And it worked. Lisa Donders, a senior consultant in Risk Advisory, was one of more than 900 Deloitters who took part in the trial. She has committed to changing her mobility behaviour by replacing her company car for a train subscription. Deloitte also provides employees with special offers on bicycles, including the foldable Brompton bike, which is perfect for taking on the train. At Gateway bicycles are available for people to use to get around. Demonstrating their passion for green mobility, on this year’s Car Free Day over 650 Deloitters travelled by either train, bus or bicycle. What about travelling abroad? Deloitte Belgium promotes train travel to the neighbouring countries and encourages video conferencing. Every effort makes our firm more sustainable.

How does Deloitte Belgium put its Purpose into practice? Primarily through the Deloitte Foundation. The cornerstone of our commitment to society, the Foundation oversees our corporate responsibility strategy and gives greater visibility to the social projects in which we take part. These focus on education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Expressing Deloitte’s culture as a coaching and learning organisation, these areas make the best use of our people’s expertise and experience. In this way our efforts can make an even greater impact.
Providing guidance and inspiration, the Purpose is helping us achieve our global strategy of being the undisputed leader in professional services
Deloitte is led by a Purpose: to make a positive, enduring impact that matters

Some of our strategic partners:
Close the Gap and Deloitte: Bridging the digital divide

Founded in 2004 by Olivier Vanden Eynde, Director at Deloitte Belgium, Close the Gap aims at helping to bridge the digital divide that separates prosperous from developing nations. Over the last decade 440,000 assets have been donated, including 124,000 refurbished computers provided to social projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Other member firms, among them the Netherlands, France, Poland and Slovakia, have joined Deloitte Belgium in supporting the initiative. In FY2017 Deloitte Belgium donated a Digitruck to Close the Gap for use in South Africa. Five Deloitte volunteers travelled to the Western Cape to put the Digitruck into action. The initiative is helping young people prepare for the working world through capacity building in such areas as entrepreneurship, idea generation and financial management.
Fund Isaan and Deloitte: a decade of collaboration

Isaan is the poorest region in Thailand. Education is a low priority, an afterthought reserved only for the lucky few born into a wealthy family. Fund Isaan was created by Deloitte partner Rony Wuytjens to address this situation. Through scholarships, volunteers and computer classes installed at rural schools, Fund Isaan is improving the level of education step-by-step. Its aim is to increase the availability of higher education, thereby improving the livelihoods and opportunities of students in Isaan, and by extension the lives of their families and communities. Since 2007, Deloitte Belgium has been sending volunteers every year to help Fund Isaan in its mission.

VLAJO/Les Jeunes Entreprises The programme enables students to develop entrepreneurial skills and prepare for working life through simulation exercises in which they run their own companies. Deloitte provides feedback on business plans, serves on competition juries, advises the initiative’s management and offers a Deloitte Innovation Award.

The Shift 
A Belgian sustainability network, The Shift brings together more than 350 member organisations and NGOs across various industries to collaborate on innovative solutions and actions for building a more sustainable world. The platform is the national point of contact for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the UN Global Compact (UNGC). Deloitte is a signatory to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) engagement letter. It commits member firms to actively reduce their environmental footprints and serve as ambassadors for solutions to climate change by bringing these issues into focus. 
Red Cross blood drive Every year we invite the Red Cross to hold a blood drive at our offices. In 2017 over 100 Deloitters at the Gateway office participated, reaffirming our title of “A company with a heart”!

"The Deloitte Foundation is proud to support a select group of projects that aim to achieve a sustainable impact through true partnerships. A focus on entrepreneurship, employability and sustainability ensures that beneficiaries receive the support that meets their needs. The participation of Deloitte volunteers enhances the dedication of all parties involved, producing maximum results."

Claire Van Bergen, Senior Director, Deloitte Foundation
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Deloitte Foundation
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Today more than ever, brands must be living examples for the values they promote. No brand is “too big to fail”, and public opinion can have an exponential impact on a brand’s success in ways we had never imagined. So when Deloitte says that our purpose is to make an impact that matters, we bring this to life throughout the entire company to serve our clients, inspire our people and contribute to society. These initiatives are the essence of our brand, as well as the metrics by which clients, employees and society measure us.
More than words – living our values
Our brand

Creating trust
The fact that we live our values sets Deloitte apart in the world of professional services. It establishes us as credible leaders and creates trustworthiness that is essential for doing business today.

Our commitment to communicating in a way that is confident, clear and human helps us to gain and maintain the trust of our clients and grow working relationships, moving us closer to our aspiration to be the undisputed leader in professional services.

“Brands can no longer expect to have one-way communication with clients and prospects about how great their services are. Today it’s all about client and employee experience with your brand, so that they tell your story for you in an authentic way.”

Marc De Maeyer, Senior Director Marketing & Communications
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Our brand is our most important asset, and we must be committed across the firm to living our values to protect the Deloitte name.

Geert Verstraeten, COO Deloitte Belgium

From eminence to engagement
We believe the best stories come from our employees and our clients. These ambassadors hold us to the high standards we set for ourselves and amplify the impact we make when we get it right.

Protecting a valuable brand
Delivering outstanding value with integrity

Deloitte's commitment to quality and integrity underlies everything we do – day in and day out – as we seek to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and our communities.
Delivering outstanding value with integrity
Protecting a valuable brand

We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are. We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices. Our brand and our people as brand ambassadors reassure our clients that they are in good hands. They know that they can trust us to make the right decisions to protect their businesses.

"Every day we protect our brand through the care we take in safeguarding information and the drive we have to identify, monitor and manage risks. We keep our focus by working for the right clients, with the right people and under the right conditions."

Isabelle Buyse, Director, Practice Protection Group
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Our drive is to have Deloitte navigate safely and accurately through the legal and regulatory landscape as a true, pro-active and constructive player, gain the confidence of our clients and our people at all times and demonstrate what our brand stands for every day.

Benedikte Verdegem, Counsel
We need to foster our ethical culture as an essential foundation of who we are and how we make an impact.

Claire Van Bergen, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Our four shared values succinctly describe the core principles that distinguish the Deloitte culture.


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are. We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices.
Outstanding value to markets & clients

We play a critical role in helping both the capital markets and our member firm clients operate more effectively. We consider this role a privilege, and we know it requires constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment.
Commitment to each other

We believe that our culture of borderless collegiality is a competitive advantage for us, and we go to great lengths to nurture it and preserve it. We go to extraordinary lengths to support our people.
Strength from cultural diversity

Our member firm clients’ business challenges are complex and benefit from multidimensional thinking. We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.

In order to be the undisputed leader in professional services we need to be the most innovative firm on a global scale. Many of our innovation solutions are already being used by other member firms. Now we want to achieve more. Inspired by “Innovate by doing”, our motto for 2020 and beyond, we’re working on new disruptive models to grow and strengthen our firm.

Enabling disruptive solutions
Innovate by doing
Innovation with Talent

Innovation always comes from people. That’s why we have invested in creating an organisation that encourages our people to think differently, develop ideas and support entrepreneurship. For Alexandra van Hille, Chief of Staff Technology, Consulting, “Innovation is at the core of our business and without it, consulting wouldn’t be as exciting.” For instance, our Innovation Academy connects a select number of professionals, highly motivated to work with start-ups innovating in the chemical sector. This offers our talented people the opportunity to enhance their personal and professional growth. According to Mathias Crab, Business Analyst, Public Sector Strategy & Operations, “We as Deloitters constantly have to reinvent and reconsider ourselves, as we do with clients.” One example is our new talent platform MyBenefits, a one-stop-shop portal, accessible anywhere at anytime, delivering a top-notch user experience. In May 2017 Deloitte Belgium started hosting innovation sessions for its employees. They provide an overview of what innovation means for us, our recent investments, our plans for the near future and how all this will transform our business. Guido Vandervorst, Innovation Leader at Deloitte, puts it this way, “The innovation sessions are crucial. We want our people to be aware of the disruptive models we work on, so they can bring this understanding to clients and help them also become more innovative.”

The innovation sessions are crucial. We want Deloitters to be aware of the disruptive models we work on, so they can bring this understanding to clients to help them also become more innovative.

Guido Vandervorst, Innovation Lead
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Innovation team
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Disruptive solutions for clients Deloitte wants to play a pioneering role in the further development of the blockchain ecosystem and its rollout in the business world. “Far more research is still needed,” says Jean-Luc Verhelst, a blockchain expert from Monitor Deloitte. “One of the open questions, for example, is how scalable blockchain technology is.” The Internet of Things is experiencing exponential growth and will become more and more important for our clients. By 2020 we expect to have 70 billion connected devices. The cognitive chatbot Malcolm that Deloitte developed for VDAB, the Flemish public employment service, could generate €1 million in cost savings per year. We’re also helping clients with robotic process automation, a disruptive technology that allows organisations to automate business processes in a controlled, flexible, scalable and non-invasive way.

Innovation with clients Last year Deloitte Digital Belgium started working with Deloitte Pixel US to determine how crowdsourcing platforms could be used as alternative models to efficiently deliver client projects. The benefits of crowdsourcing include a cost model based on final results, increased creativity and access to innovative ideas. In collaboration with our industrial partner Eandis, we launched our Next Generation Infrastructure (NGIN) solutions. NGIN helps infrastructure companies overcome challenges such as increasingly connected networks, the need to be more customer-focused, and growing regulatory scrutiny.

In a digital world, clients expect fast and thorough results – and that is what Digital Accountant offers. They get comprehensive insights and powerful tools that enable them to keep a close eye on the development of their organisation, manage the direction they are heading in, and reduce their administrative burden so that they can focus on their core business.

Sam Sluismans, Partner Strategy & Innovation, Deloitte Private

Foundational innovation programmes Deloitte has a long-standing history of developing impactful programmes and delivering excellence. The Digital Accountant solution provides SMEs with an up-to-date overview of their financial situation along with powerful tools to keep a close eye on their business and manage their future. With DFACT (Fast Audit Control Technology) we are harnessing the power of data. This easy-to-use tool was designed to perform data analysis and different tests for faster and better insights into key internal controls and risks in critical business processes. Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF) offers a solution for cyber security challenges. It helps organisations enhance the value of their cyber investments, focus on cyber priorities and facilitate communication on cyber issues with internal and external stakeholders. Our Tax and Legal services are also offering clients innovative tools, including the web-based solution TP Digital DoX, which provides efficient and streamlined management of transfer pricing documentation processes. The Indirect Tax SMART application is an automated tool offering compliance services across Europe that it is being used by some of the largest global multinational companies.

Upcoming initiatives The Innovation Fund marks our commitment to promoting innovation by empowering young tech companies at different phases of maturity. Carefully selected candidates for investment will require a proven ability to shape disruption for strategic advantage in the sectors of information technology, analytics, digital and cyber. In addition, Deloitte Belgium opened its Booster Programme 2.0. After a successful first edition, selected young technology scale-ups will receive 50 days of free Deloitte support, access to the extended Deloitte network and mentoring by Deloitte executives to bring them to the next level.
SMART is helping us standardise the VAT compliance process, further centralise VAT compliance into our shared service centre, and identify recurring errors made when this task was done locally.

Jonas Lowie, Senior Manager, Tax and Legal
Cédric Moyson, Global Leader Technology Product Distribution, Tax and Legal
We help utilities transform their business using advanced analytics and the 'internet of things’ to meet tomorrow's challenges: integrating electric vehicles and distributed energy sources, like photovoltaic, into the electric grid.

Dieter Vonken, Manager, Risk Advisory
Learn more about Deloitte's Technology Fast 50
Best Managed Companies
Recognising Belgian business excellence

Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, the Fast 50 programme ranks the top fifty fastest-growing technology companies in Belgium, selected by revenue growth over the previous four years. Younger companies and start-ups with revenue potential that have been active in the industry for less than four years can be recognised as Rising Stars in the programme.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The challenge is immense. To realise the SDGs, it is estimated that the world will need to invest a staggering amount, between USD $5 trillion and $7 trillion per year, which is roughly 7% to 10% of the global annual GDP. Innovation will be the critical factor in developing solutions.
International collaboration offering innovative solutions
UNLEASH Innovation Labs

This is why Deloitte has engaged with UNLEASH, a non-profit organisation and global platform created to inspire and attract top young talent from around the world to collaborate in offering innovative and accessible solutions to the SDGs.
UNLEASH Innovation Labs will take place in a different country every year until 2030 when the UN has set a deadline to meet specific SDG targets, as agreed in 2015. The first instalment of the event series took place in August 2017 in Denmark, when UNLEASH partnered with close to 200 organisations from top firms, academia, non-profits and investors to serve as Knowledge and Talent Partners. Deloitte was a Corporate and Executive Partner for the inaugural 2017 edition, facilitating the SDG Innovation Labs. 
A dozen practitioners from the Deloitte network were selected during the rigorous application process to join a diverse group of 1,000 participants from around the world to discuss innovations and solutions to some of the many international development issues that we are facing today related to education, economy and sustainability. Over the course of four days, 45 Deloitte facilitators led seven Innovation Labs across 10 learning institutions in Denmark to come up with 199 potential solutions to the SDGs. Sarah Tuytschaever, Business Analyst in Consulting, represented Deloitte Belgium as a facilitator during the Innovation Labs. 

"Deloitte’s role as the execution and lead innovation partner for UNLEASH 2017, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, further enhanced our firm’s position in making an impact that matters."

Claire Van Bergen, Senior Director, Deloitte Foundation
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1000 Talents from 130 countries were gathered at Danish Folk High Schools to collectively come up with solutions to the SDGs. Deloitte led the four-day innovation workshop.
We challenged 1000 talented young people to come up with solutions to the world's most complex challenges. It was truly inspiring to help them to translate their entrepreneurial ambition for change into viable, scalable and innovative solutions.

Sarah Tuytschaever, Business Analyst, Consulting

The key themes this year included Education & ICT, Water, Food, Energy, Sustainable Production & Consumption, Urban Sustainability and Health. In facilitating the SDG Innovation Labs, we engaged with teams of talents through the process of innovation including brainstorming with peers, prototyping the ideas, testing with experts and refining the proposals before presenting the top solutions to a panel of potential investors. The most innovative solutions were recognised at a special awards ceremony with the intention for UNLEASH partner organisations to materialise them and put ideas into action, supporting Deloitte’s purpose of making an impact that matters.

Our relocation to the Gateway building took place in January 2017. With its airport location, it is indeed the gateway to Europe. It is also the vibrant heart of Deloitte Belgium. A place of innovation where more than 2,000 employees are taking a pioneering next step towards the future of work. With its excellent mobility options, Gateway also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, and to continue decreasing the firm’s CO₂ output per full-time employee, which has been substantially reducing since 2012.
Innovative operational excellence
Gateway office

Bricks, bytes and behaviour
Every working day, hundreds of Deloitters and visitors appreciate the many benefits of the Gateway building. For example, its inspiring design state-of-the-art facilities and innovative services. But none of this would exist without the seamless operational excellence of Deloitte Services & Investments (DSI). It was quite a challenge to move from the previous site’s four buildings to only one of 34,000 m². Engaged with the Gateway project from the very beginning and closely collaborating with a dedicated Gateway project team, the many departments of DSI organised financing, planned the building and supervised its construction. We operated effectively across the firm with a multi-disciplinary approach in collaboration with our integrated services for the realisation of the Gateway building between Real Estate, Consulting, Risk Advisory operations and Consulting Human Capital.

“Carrying out such an ambitious project required careful co-ordination from A to Z by our teams of dedicated professionals."

Geert Verstraeten, COO Deloitte Belgium
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It takes a lot of complex engineering to make things straightforward. Working in the Gateway building is convenient and it demonstrates the hard work the project team has invested in the state of the art infrastructure. It is simply the most irresistible office to work in.

Eric Orban, Partner, Financial Advisory – Real Estate

Seamless support for our professionals The final relocation to Gateway was challenging. More than 20 different workstreams ensured that all the various elements were covered, from packing and clean-up to legal affairs and risk management. From the first day at the new site, the expert teams kept the building, its infrastructure and its services running smoothly, giving our professionals the support they need to serve their clients in the best possible way. The relocation to Gateway is, of course, not the end. It’s just the beginning, as we strive to make an impact every day on our clients, people and society.
Gateway is equipped with advanced technology to improve life at the office and our way of getting to work, ranging from intelligent networks to indoor navigation, security and apps supporting mobility programs. Technology is the backbone to enable next-generation experiences for our clients and our people, today and tomorrow.

Guy Lucq, CIO Deloitte Belgium

They conceived a layout with a wide variety of motivating spaces, and supported it with advanced IT infrastructure. They also facilitated innovative ways of working to meet the evolving needs of our clients and workforce. To keep our people informed as the project progressed and to manage the behaviour change necessary to engage such a large number of people, fully transparent communication from the management level was key.
The move to Gateway exemplified Deloitte's multidisciplinary professional services in action. Our central project management office works closely with the Business Units to provide client solutions based on the multidisciplinary model (MDM).

Isabelle De Becker, Director, Operations

Belgium’s "Best Managed Companies" programme recognises privately owned and controlled Belgian companies setting the highest standards of business performance.
Highlighting the business excellence of private companies in Belgium
Best Managed Companies

Since its launch in Canada almost 25 years ago, this programme has expanded across the Americas as well as to the EMEA and APAC regions. It was first introduced in Belgium this year with the ambition to create a peer-to-peer community of the most successful private companies in the country and to connect with their global counterparts. The nominations are evaluated based on their management expertise within the categories of clear strategy, strong capabilities, company commitment and financial performance.

This is not just another awards programme. A rigorous and independent process ensures that participating companies are evaluated based on a proven global framework. The designation "Best Managed Companies" aims to become an international stamp of quality and excellence.

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner Accountancy, Managing Partner Deloitte Private
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Managing Partner Accountancy Managing Partner Deloitte Private
On 21 September 2017, Deloitte Private, Econopolis and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management launched Belgium’s "Best Managed Companies" programme to coach and award privately owned and controlled Belgian companies that are operating at the highest levels of business performance. The designation "Best Managed Companies" aims to become an international stamp of quality and excellence. Discover the highlights of the event in this video.

Laga Managing Partner Danny Stas not only knows that his firm’s clients are changing. He knows how, thanks to an extensive study by the global network.
Laga: Interview with Danny Stas
Building the law firm of the future

It shows that clients want end-to-end legal advice and integrated solutions. They plan to invest in innovation and technology to handle low-value in-house legal work, freeing their people for high-value tasks. Half of clients demand more cost effectiveness and flexibility when contracting legal resources. And over 80% are looking for seamless and global multi-disciplinary advice. “This shows how the purchasing and provision of legal services will evolve,” Danny explains. “And it gives us a roadmap for our ambition to build the law firm of the future by 2020.” What does this future firm look like? In fact the journey, along five key dimensions, has already started. A main goal is to establish one brand, with all practices going to market as Deloitte Legal. “In Belgium negotiations are on track to achieve this by 2020,” says Danny. “We’re already a single point of contact for the Deloitte network that can tap into the expertise of nearly 2,000 lawyers.” Investments in organic & inorganic growth will fill gaps, for example attracting more specialists in state aid, Brexit issues and competition law. Innovation & technology investment will make the firm more effective and flexible. And building full-capability presence in 100 countries will accelerate the network into global service. “Our future? We’ll be a seamless solution provider integrating legal and non-legal services under one umbrella with local expertise and presence,” concludes Danny.

"Our future? We’ll be a seamless solution provider integrating legal and non-legal services under one umbrella with local expertise and presence."

Danny Stas, Managing Partner Laga
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Start-ups have been booming in Belgium over the past years. But the legal needs of young companies still don’t match what top-ranked law firms can offer. It’s not just about accessible fees. It also concerns availability, dynamism and hands-on practical expertise.
A team of young Laga lawyers focuses on assisting selected start-ups and young entrepreneurs
Grow with Laga

To help bridge this gap, a group of junior lawyers has launched “Grow with Laga”. The initiative aims at helping selected start-ups and young entrepreneurs with their legal questions when they are at an early stage of incubating their ideas.
Laga already has wide and recognised expertise in assisting young businesses as they scale up. Laga professionals can address a wide variety of issues, such as founder assistance, investment rounds, regulatory questions, transfer of intellectual property (IP), shareholders’ agreements and employee stock option plans. Building on these strong assets, “Grow with Laga” will strengthen the firm’s ability to help businesses grow from seed to tree.

The team consists of highly motivated lawyers, each with three-to-five years of experience. Between them, they cover all areas of business law: corporate, finance, employment, commercial, real estate and IP. Joining forces, they offer a one-stop shop dedicated to assisting Belgium’s young innovators with their day-to-day activities. This will allow the start-ups and entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters: growing their business.
"We are proud that a group of junior lawyers is taking this initiative. It showcases their dynamism and our commitment to be with our clients at any time and any stage of their growth path."

Christoph Michiels, Partner, Laga
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Our team of talented lawyers have built a reputation by delivering outstanding services to clients, day in, day out.
Meet the Laga partners
More than one

We assemble the best teams around client projects. Teams that go beyond what others think possible: beyond technical expertise, beyond just rational advice, beyond the traditional. Teams with the ability to reach even further – thanks to their access to the world’s leading professional services firm, and to a global network of top law firms. Teams that bring refreshing insights and that know how to take a clear, firm stand with the most complex problems. Laga comprises approximately 140 qualified lawyers, based in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Kortrijk.

Meet the Laga partners:
"A Laga team doesn't just provide technical expertise and traditional advice. We bring refreshing insights and take a clear and firm stand when dealing with even the most complex problems."

Danny Stas, Managing Partner Laga
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